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Latest Ministry of Industries & Production Jobs for Assistant, UDC, LDC & more 35 posts

Assiastant BPS-15: there are three posts of asssiatant and education requirements are just graduate and six weeks baisc it traing . this is a ptemorary post but there is chance to be contined after completion of project. there are teo posts for sindh and oine post for KPK and age required is 18 to 25 yeras .

stenotypist BPS-14: these are the posts for stenotypist and the education required is inetrmediate and miniimum speed required is 80/40 and these are also temporary . there are eighht seats in which four are for punjab, one for woman, one for sindh and one for KPKone for FATA

uper division clerk BPS-11: clerks posts are usuallay requires the education just an intermediate and the only priority for these posts are spped for compter .and age required is 18 to 25. there are two postsĀ  for clersk one is for punjab and the other for singh

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